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Silver Thunder Alpacas presents:
Alpaca Links and Alpaca Friends

The first thing we tell everyone who asks about alpacas is to go and visit as many farms and ranches as possible. We cannot emphasize this enough. Every ranch is different and you will learn so much with each visit. Before you decide to get involved, you need to see what the options are. Talking to a lot of different people will get you the broadest picture of the alpaca industry and how it might best work for your situation.

With this in mind, start with the following link which will show you the locations of farms near you:

AOBA Farm and Ranch Locator

Once there, click on your state on the U.S. map. This will give you a list of all the farms in your state and, further down, a state map full of little brown alpacas, each indicating the location of a farm.

little brown alpaca Clicking on any alpaca will tell you the name and contact info for that farm.

A really easy way to search for farms near you (regardless of what state they are in) is to just type your zip code into the search engine on the AOBA page and indicate the distance you are willing to travel in the "search radius" box. Then simply click on the "zip code radius" button to get a list of all the farms around you, including their exact mileage from your area.

This list is from AOBA, The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association. Note that it only includes ranches who have paid to be listed, so there are probably other alpaca ranches near you that do not show up here. (For instance, we at Silver Thunder Alpacas only signed up recently. And while we know of at least five alpaca farms in Greene County, only two are currently found on the Ranch Locator.)

Another place to find ranches is through regional breeder associations, of which there are many. Here are web pages for the associations that we belong to:

In Tennessee: TAA
Tennessee Alpaca Association

Note: Silver Thunder Alpacas designed the website for the TAA. Please check it out!

In the Southeast: SEAA (or SealPaca)
South East Alpaca Association

In Southern California: SoCalPaca
Southern California Alpaca Association

Here is a list of ranches that were helpful to us in getting started in Southern California: (repeated from "Our Story" page)

Pacifica - John and Tina Malkus (Great ranch setup page)
Critter Country - Cindy and Mark Mendiola
Four Seasons - Jeff & Marianne Bradley
Rolling Thunder - Nancy and Jimmy Stepp
Alpacas del Valle Cereza (Cherry Valley) - Lisa Shimeld and Brad Johnson
Alpaca Palms - Bea and Dennis Miller
All American Alpacas - Rick and Pati Horn

Always working on link ideas for this page. So more link info coming soon.

Next in line to be added:
Farms we know in the East.

Thanks again for visiting,
Chuck and Nancy

Silver Thunder Alpacas
Making great alpacas in
Greeneville, Tennessee
Pure Bred and Hand Fed!


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Proud to be an American.


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